Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Countdown

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and then...Christmas!
(Image above: Time Keeper's Necklace, made from an old lock and clock number)

The count down has begun and my head is spinning! With my Etsy shop, holiday orders, and my part time job at a certain popular toy store, this is a big month for me.  Sadly, my blog (and any free time) seems to have taken a back seat for now.  At my place, Christmas season is similar to finals week back in college.  This is a flashback for my poor husband, who was always there to bring me a 3:00am snack in the wood shop or computer lab, or to locate all the Radio Shacks in west Michigan and drive to each one in search of fuses for a set of earrings (we actually did this once).  I'm finding myself awake all hours of the night gluing things together and making manic midnight trips to buy spray paint, just like the old days.   The laundry isn't getting washed until there's literally nothing left in my drawers (and even then, sometimes I just resort to a quick game of 'find the least dirty t-shirt' ) Your college experience might have been different; keep in mind that I went to art school.  I've been making things like a crazy person.  I have crap everywhere (think of the paper covered walls in A Beautiful Mind) and I even dream about it.  Isn't that pathetic? Even when I'm sleeping, I'm still making things.

But you know what? I love it.  That's right, I've kind of been looking forward to this.  So if you'll excuse me, its about time to sit on my living room floor for eight hours with a glue gun while watching Toddlers in Tiaras, or whatever trashy reality shows I can hunt down on Netflix.  Nothing brings on burning creativity quite like the horror of watching some attention hungry mother glue rhinestone covered eyelashes on her frantic child.

All these images are things I've made recently.  Lego coin earrings ----->

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