Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pigeon Puppet DIY

pigeon wants a puppy!

I've learned a valuable lesson working as an elementary school librarian: The younger a class is, the shorter their attention span will be.  Each class spends forty five minutes with me in the library.  Older students busy themselves by looking up books and finding them on the shelves (or hunting down Greek mythology books to snicker at renderings of men with bare butts), but the smaller kids need to be entertained.  I read to them as often as I can, find animations of the stories online, and throw together quick craft projects.  Coming up with these projects takes up a good amount of my time and energy, so I figured I would share them with you.

Let's talk about Mo Willems' Pigeon series for a moment. These book are hilarious.   
Kids love them because as you read the story out loud, they get to tell the Pigeon 'no'.
Check out this short animation of Don't Let Pigeon Drive the Bus to see what I'm talking about.
I created the puppets to go along with the book Pigeon Wants a Puppy, but you could use them with any Pigeon story.

You will need:
- copies of the pigeon and puppy drawings (at the bottom of this post)
- crayons or colored pencils
- popsicle sticks
- tape or glue

Print the pigeon and puppy drawings, or just the pigeon if you are reading a different book from the series (I drew four on each page) and color them.
Carefully cut them out.  Encourage younger children to 'bubble cut', or leave a small border around the outline. This will prevent anyone from accidentally cutting off his beak (trust me: this happens - and it is devastating to a five year old, even if you tape it back on).
Tape or glue the stick to the back of your puppet. I opted to use tape so we could play with our puppets immediately.  The stick doubles as a handle and his legs.  
Some kiddos may want to color the stick, too.
After reading the story, we discussed character traits and I had them list a few of Pigeon's traits (persistent, persuasive, short tempered, clever, stubborn, etc.), they used the puppets to act them out.
You can also make these Pigeon Treats from a previous blog post if you're feeling extra crafty!


  1. I am trying to find the link to your "Don't Let Pigeon Ruin the Library Book"... Any chance you would be willing to share that?! It is absolutely adorable!!

  2. me too...... It will be great for our elementary library
    I am trying to find the link to your "Don't Let Pigeon Ruin the Library Book"... Any chance you would be willing to share that?!

    1. Hi there! Unfortunately, I'm not able to share the Pigeon book. :( Sorry about that.