Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flower Crown (DIY)

Recently, I've been noticing a lot of flower crowns in fashion photography.  They look so pretty and summery, but is this an every day accessories or just a high fashion thing that no one would really wear in real life?  I decided that I was going to make one and wear it in public.

Will it be cute and recycled?  You bet!
Will I show you how to make your own?  Of course!
Will I look like a dirty hippie that wandered away from a commune? Probably, but that's okay.

(Thanks, Molly, for these very dramatic photos. You are amazing)
Here are a few lovely and inspiring fashion photos for you.  Aren't they beautiful?  Don't they make you want to put on a flower crown, find a field somewhere, and just run around?

 (clockwise starting from the upper left corner:,,,,  

You will need:
a very skinny braided belt from Goodwill, or cord
hot glue gun

Wrap the belt loosely around your head where you would like the crown to sit, then cut the belt or cord.  If you are feeling extra crafty (or using very large flowers), try wrapping the belt twice and using both sections as the base for your belt.  To prevent the belt from unraveling as you work, seal both ends with a dab of hot glue.
(and thanks Patrick for this very dramatic photo of me measuring my head)

Cut the stems from your fake flowers.  Some of some of the blooms might fall apart without the stem.  That's okay, just combine the layers again with hot glue.  Lay the belt flat on your work surface.  Think of the center of your belt as the area that will be above your face.  Play with the flowers and arrange them on the belt.  I used smaller flowers on the section above my face and used larger ones for the back and sides of my head.  For a natural look, put flowers of different sizes together and create a few clumps, leaving spaces with the belt visible in between.  Don't be afraid to overlap a few flowers and use some of the leaves, too.  Save one flower to glue in the back to cover the place where your belt-ends will be glued together later. Once you are happy with the arrangement, use small dots of glue to attach the flowers to the belt.  With larger flowers, you may want to add a little extra glue to your petals.  This will hold them flat against the belt as the crown curves around your head.

To connect the ends, first use hot glue to fuse them.  Cover that area with your extra flower.  On the inside of the crown, glue an extra petal or a small piece of felt over the connected spot for reinforcement.
All done! If the crown won't stay in place, try using a few bobby pins to secure it.
Now, just find a wood-sy place to wander around looking confused.
And watch out for bees; I have a feeling they might be into your flower crown, too.

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