Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lace Curtain Skirt (DIY)

Transform a basic thrift store skirt and old lace curtains into this sweet lace skirt - absolutely perfect for summer!
I am head-over-heels in love with lace skirts: they're charming, sophisticated, and offer a great opportunity to add texture to your summer wardrobe.

I am always drawn to the back of the thrift store where dozens of delicate old lace curtains hang quietly, waiting for someone to come along and breathe new life into them.  
Both my lovely lace curtain and the skirt I used as a base are from  Arc Thrift Store.
See?  Lots of options here.
You will need:

- white or cream colored pencil skirt
   (preferably with a zipper on the side)
- lace curtain large enough to wrap  
   around your body
- thread, needle, scissors
I suggest choosing a curtain with a delicate scalloped edge.
Before starting this project, gently hand wash your curtain and hang to dry.
Fold the curtain, creating two layers of lace and lay your skirt on top.  
Position the skirt's hem about two inches above the scalloped edge of the curtain.
Carefully cut around the skirt and through both layers of curtain, leaving about an inch of lace on each side and along the waistline.   Do not trim the scalloped lace on the bottom of your skirt.
Unzip the zipper on your skirt.  Where the zipper ends, put a pin in your lace.
Sew the two lace sections together on either side (see the red lines on the picture below).  
Avoid sewing the area that will cover your zipper.
We will now call this the 'lace shell'.   Flip the 'shell' right-side-out (the seams will be on the inside) and slip it over your skirt.  Line up the un-sewn area with the zipper.
Fold the lace under on either side of your zipper and pin in place.
Using tiny stitches, sew the lace to the fabric around the zipper. 
At the waistline of your skirt, fold the lace inward over the seam and pin in place, then sew.
Your skirt is finished!  Wear it to work with a button up top and heels, or to Sunday brunch with a flow-y t-shirt and sandals.
(check back soon for a Thrift Store Friday post filled with more ways to wear this pretty skirt)

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