Monday, February 1, 2016

World Dance Festival

My weekend inspiration: a World Dance Festival.

This was such an amazing experience.
Black Box Theater is tiny, and my friend Barbara and I were lucky enough to snatch up a pair of front row seats.  The performers were so close that I had to move my feet a few times.
It was a full house with a sold out show.
I took dozens of photos, but my camera isn't so great.  I'll just share the least blurry images, I think you'll get the feel.
Everything was so mesmerizing and rich.  I was deeply inspired by all of it: the music, the costumes, and especially the dancing.  I wanted to jump up and join the performers.  At one point I told Barbara that my soul was on the stage dancing right along with them, and she felt the same way.
Each performance was a story told through movement.  Some featured original choreography while others shared cultural tradition.  There were collaborations, fusions, history lessons, and even a modern day taste of cabaret and hoop dancing.
The energy was different for each dance, but always contagious.
And look at these costumes!
The stage was a vibrant kaleidoscope of flowers, feathers, brocade, coins, crystals, and beads. 

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