Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Itty Bitty Anthro DIY : Pointillism Print

Today's post is an amalgam of my three favorites: tiny things, tutorials, and Anthropologie.
 This is the first of three tutorials: all focused on recreating beautiful Anthropologie items in miniature.  As you can tell from the photos, the objects aren't exact replicas, only inspired by the originals.  I chose to use supplies I had on hand at home or in my recycling bin, so some of the colors and measurements are slightly off.  However, depending on how much time and energy you want to invest, your version could be an exact replica -  right down to the scale and materials. 
The tutorial is for this gorgeously modern Pointillism Wall Art.  It was created by Barclay Butera, an interior designer, and I would happily hang the full-sized version in my house.  The gold and black frame so clean and elegant, and I think the points look like rows of fingerprints.

You will need:
small wooden square or rectangle
gold and white acrylic paint
painter's tape
fine point black permanent marker (the regular sized one)
ultra fine point black permanent marker (the skinny one)

The original print is rectangular, but the wood piece I had was square.  I think I purchased a pack of different wood squares from the craft store, here is a link to something similar at Michael's.  The piece I am using measures about 1.25" x 1.25".
Paint the surface white.
When the acrylic is completely dry, use painter's tape to cover all but a tiny bit of wood on either side. Use your fingers to secure the tape to the wood and create a seal.
  Use gold paint to coat the exposed areas and the edges.  This will be your frame.
Before removing the tape, use the fine point permanent marker to create the inner black portion of the frame.  
Carefully run the marker along the edge of the tape to draw a straight line.  If it isn't perfectly straight, don't worry: art isn't perfect, right?
***Be sure the gold paint is dry first, or the marker will not work.***
slowly unpeel the tape. Your mini wall art will look like this:
If a bit of the paint came off with the tape, you can touch it up later.
 To complete the frame, wrap tape around the other way.
Repeat with the gold paint and permanent marker.
 When you remove the tape, your frame will be complete.
Make any necessary touch-ups with the paint and let your artwork dry.  
Sorry about the fuzzy photo.
Now we'll add the points. I worked in rows but did not try to make them perfect.  
Vary the distance between the dots and the size.  
Don't concentrate on making straight rows. 
Embrace the fact that your work looks like it was created by human hands rather than a computer.
If you have too much white space between rows, squeeze in a few extra points.
Here is the original and mini version side by side.
Are you happy with your itty bitty masterpiece?
If you want an identical copy, you could buy a miniature gold-toned frame on ETSY and create a tiny painting with a very fine tipped paint brush.
I used painter's tape to hang it on the wall for the photos.
Game pieces, like this gold cannon and the Scrabble tile, double as great decorative trinkets in a modern dollhouse.  
They're also a perfect way to show scale in your images.
I loved pretending to be an Anthropologie photographer for a day.
The vintage teal velvet chair and ottoman were a gift from my Aunt Jennifer.  
She played with them when she was little.  Grown-up Aunt Jennifer is also an interior designer, like the artist, and I suspect she would have appreciated this tiny print in her dollhouse.
Do you have a favorite place to buy housewares and furniture that inspires you to make teeny tiny versions?  What items would you re-create in miniature?  

Please post photos of your finished tiny print!
I would love to see them!

***Edit - although I appreciate the requests, I am not selling these miniatures because I feel that it would be disrespectful to the original artists.  
Thank you for understanding. ***

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