Friday, May 11, 2018

Denver Gem & Mineral Show

This is my rock haul.
I really wanted to share this experience with you because I've heard of mineral shows but never considered visiting one until my friend Dee invited me to tag along with her. This is my second mineral show, and both times I left wishing I snapped more photos.  Even the handful of pictures I did take don't do it justice.  
After reading this post, you may want to find a mineral show in your area to explore.
Real talk: I didn't expect to enjoy this experience nearly as much as I did.
I don't know what I was expecting, but I did not imagine I'd take such an interest in rocks (although my inner child was dying with excitement).
Little me collecting pretty rocks in Madrid
First, let me begin by saying most of these large pieces are in the several-hundred-dollar price range.  Unless you arrive with excess cash to burn, don't plan on bringing home anything of this scale.   That being said, don't feel like you need to buy anything - there is plenty to look at, and the vendors are thrilled to show off their treasures and tell you all about them.
Isn't this table insanely beautiful?
And nature just MAKES this on its own!
These big showy items weren't at all in my budget, but smaller stones, like this colorful selection, are sold by the ounce and ideal for craft projects.  
Smaller items make up the majority of merchandise: expect to see everything from cheap little rocks in bins marked "four for $1" to high-quality gemstones in glass cases for jewelers to peruse.
These twinkling diamond-like Herkimer crystals are inexpensive in small quantities and ideal for crafting a few quick sets of stud earrings.
You can also find a great selection of gorgeous stone beads.
The prices range from $5 a strand to $50 depending on the type of stone and quality. 
I brought home two strands of the green beads from this show to string a mala. 
This will be the third mala I've strung, and the process is tedious, but also relaxing and almost meditative.  People that really know their stones and crystals suggest that each one attracts different energy.  I made one for my husband as a Christmas gift and chose beads made of Snowflake Obsidian because it is said to provide balance.
If you have a business license, you'll gain access to the wholesale section.
This is like the rock and mineral VIP section.
Displays in this area are less glamorous, as you can see, but still house a wide selection of treasures.  
Here's where I found a few pretty little rocks for the zen gardens.
I learned so much about different types of stones and discovered things I never knew existed in nature, like this pretty purple "grape agate."

You might also discover other fun items like these cute, little carved animals, stone candle holders, salt lamps, and the list goes on!
Have you been to a mineral show before?  
How was your experience?

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