Monday, June 18, 2018

Itty Bitty Anthro DIY: Arbor Planter

My lovely friend Sarah once told me, "A house without plants and books concerns me."
I honestly couldn't agree more.
Even teeny, tiny houses need plants and books, right?
Our micro planter looked bright and fresh in the kitchen of Miriam's House.
This Itty Bitty Anthro DIY is inspired by Anthropologie as always, BUT I made this tiny flower pot an entire year ago and forgot to post it. Oopsy!
Sooo... you can still view it on the website, but you can no longer purchase a full-size version.  
My inspiration was this Glowing Arbor Pot, a warm reddish ceramic planter with a natural texture and large gold foil dots.
It was designed for Anthropologie by an Australian artist named Bridget Bodenham.
Image from
Just look at this beautiful little garden for a moment. 
I would love to own such a gorgeous collection of plants and pots - either small or regular sized.
Image from
To make your own itty bitty planter,  you will need:

- small plastic bottle cap
- terracotta & gold acrylic paint
- sandpaper
- tiny plant

I found a perfect little cap on an empty essential oil bottle.  
It stands about .5 inches tall.
To imitate the natural stone texture, rough up the cap a bit with sandpaper.
The texture will also help the acrylic paint adhere to the sides.
Paint the cap with several coats of the acrylic.
My cap needed three coats to fully cover the brown plastic.
I discovered that when I put the lid back on the bottle, I could paint the entire surface without having to touch it.
Once the paint dries, carefully add the gold spots.
Don't get caught up in trying to make them perfect. You'll want the pot to have a handmade feel.
Now add a plant to your creation.
I plucked a few small leaves from weeds in my garden for the photo, but the tiny plastic tree in Miriam's house was hot glued in the pot.
How does your itty bitty version compare to the original?

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  1. Thank you for an inspiring tutorial. The pot looks fantastic!