Monday, April 9, 2012

Sweet Snack Sunday ~ Bird Nest Cookies

This snack was an experiment.  After coming home from a nice Easter dinner with Patrick's family last night, I realized that I had no plans and very few ingredients for a snack this week.  I put this together Swedish Chef style: with no recipe, lots of humming, very little measuring, and plenty of random knife waving.  And what do you know- they actually taste good!

<----Oh look, here I am in my kitchen
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My vision was for a no-bake cookie style treat chock-full of ingredients that give an energy boost.  After checking out a few recipes, I decided that I should come up with my own.  I searched for possible ingredients in my cupboards and made a pile next to the stove.
The hot cocoa Kuerig cup didn't get used, it was just an idea :)

In a pot, I stirred butter and dark chocolate squares until they melted, then added crunchy peanut butter, flax seed, vanilla, oatmeal, and dried coconut.
Mmmmm, looks delicious, doesn't it?  Using a big spoon, I scooped the mixture into little piles on wax paper.  Coconut gives them a great texture for bird nests, and crunchy robin egg candies seal the deal.

I left them in the fridge to harden over night and woke up to a batch of delicious no bake bird nests! 


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