Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sweet Snack Sunday ~ Super Mario Bento Box

I assumed that my robot box was the best thing to happen to lunch --until I discovered bento boxes.
 A bento box is a Japanese lunch that is cut and crafted to be almost too adorable to eat.  It is entirely edible and painfully cute, usually with a theme: baby animals, outer space, and of course, Hello Kitty.  Everything about them is amazing.
Look at these adorable bento box lunches below from
I don't have time to make one of these, but I figured I could make a smaller, simpler bento style snack.  So here is this weeks Sunday Sweet Snack!

Because this snack will go in for Patrick's lunches for the week (I know, I'm such a good wife, right?) I went with a theme that he likes: Super Mario.  I started searching the internet for inspiration and came across a few Super Mario themed boxes (like this one from that looked really cool, but waaaaay difficult.   Something like this would require a lot skill, time, and weird tools that I have no idea where to buy.  With what I had at home, I came up with my own technique:

By pinching a tiny six-sided flower shaped cookie cutter, I magically transformed it into a cloud cookie cutter.  I cut clouds out of Pillsbury Grand Biscuits and added slivers of black olives for the long skinny eyes.  They only needed to bake for six minutes to come out fluffy and delicious.

The coin box is a square of cheddar cheese with an exclamation point cut from mozzarella cheese.
Yes, I get that coin boxes usually have question marks, but I wasn't about to sit and cut questions marks out of cheese all day.  I am almost positive that I've seen coin boxes in Super Mario with an exclamation point.

This 1-up mushroom is a radish!

After much trial and error, I perfected the art of cutting them and made a diagram to help you create your own radish mushrooms!

At the Dollar Tree, I found a bag of condiment containers in the Tupperware isle.  Look how well everything fits inside, its like they were made just to be used for bento snack boxes.  A few spinach leaves make great garnish and add some color.

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