Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gift Wrap Wednesday #8 Color Me!

Why, hello there.

It happens to be Wednesday again, doesn't it?  Today's recycled gift wrap post is especially great because - brace yourself - it can be recycled AGAIN!  Are you ready for this: coloring page wrapping paper!  Wrap the gift in recycled coloring pages, then color on the paper after its torn from the package!

First, search out a handful of uncolored pages in your favorite little artist's coloring book, or if you're an artist, grab some scrap paper and create a black and white masterpiece of your own (if neither of these options are going to work for you, just scroll down and print the coloring page I made. I'll agree to look the other way on this one).
After wrapping your gift in coloring pages, add a big bow with a few crayons.  The crayons are a crucial element because they take your wrap job from obviously, this girl is too cheap for real gift wrap to Awww!  How cute and creative is THIS?  Crayons are a great dollar store find, but if you can't find a dollar to spare (don't worry - no one is judging you here), sneak a handful from the hostess stand of a family friendly restaurant like Denny's or Applebees.

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