Monday, March 25, 2013

Up-cycled Easter Basket Fillers

The Easter Bunny is making his big visit in just a few short days.
Instead of filling your baskets will generic things from the grocery store, why don't you ask Mr. Rabbit to hit up the recycling bin/

Here are a hand full of basket stuffers for you to make - because handmade is much more special than store bought...and less expensive!

A few days ago the blog featured a previous post of mine (yay!) about making Easter goodies from office supplies!
Make a few of these sweet bunny rings for your favorite girls using the paperclips and brads that clutter up your desk drawer.

Glue some animals to baby jar lids and spray paint them a pretty pastel color, and fill with festive candy!
Originally, I made these mushrooms as Christmas ornaments, but they're perfect for spring!
Paint wooden drawer pulls and hang them or leave the string off and tuck a few in green planters.
These little Recycle Bin Bunnies come together quickly and can be made from newspaper and a stapler (and after Easter, you won't feel bad about sending them back to the recycling bin).

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