Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Edible Candy Terrarium (DIY)

Long, long ago when I a tiny kindergartner, my class took a very exciting field trip to the chocolate factory.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go because by baby brother was born that day (who, ironically, was named Charlie).  True story.  I've always felt a bit jaded about missing that trip - especially a year later when I read Roald Dahl's Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.  My very favorite part of the book was the edible room full of candy flowers and mushrooms and grass.  This little treat was inspired by that wonderful image.  As a six year old child, I dreamed about visiting that room.

In case you aren't able to find all the ingredients I used, I put together a list of similar items.  Amazon was the origin of these images, but you can find similar candy in grocery stores or dollar shops.

You will need:

-Green candy for grass
I used edible Easter grass (on clearance after Easter at Jo Ann's Fabric)

You could also try Sour punch straws, green Big League Chewing gum, or licorice.

Edible Easter Grass
Green Apple Sour Licorice Straws
Sour Apple Big League Chewing Gum
Green Apple Licorice Twists

-Candy that resembles little rocks
I found a tube of candy coated chocolate rocks at Five Below for $2.

Other options are: gummy pebbles, earth toned Jelly Bellies, and chocolate covered raisins.

Chocolate River Rocks
Candy Pebbles
Root Beer Jelly Bellies
Chocolate Covered Raisins

To make your own, you will need:
     red chocolate candy melts
     mini marshmallows
     white frosting

I've also seen chocolate mushrooms for sale at World Market and Five Below.

Red chocolate melts
Cream Cheese Frosting
mini marshmallows
Japanese Candy Mushrooms
Coconut Mushrooms

You will also need:
-chocolate pudding
-a clear jar or bowl

Begin by crushing the pretzels and placing a layer in your container.  Most real terrariums have rocks as the first layer to collect excess water.  The pretzels layer will give your treat more detail (and add some crunchiness).
Next, carefully spoon in the pudding.  If any sticks to the sides of your jar, use a damp paper towel to wipe it away.
Using kitchen scissors, cut the green candy (to be used for grass) into short sections varying from 1-2 inches.   Remember that blades of grass do not grow perfectly straight, or all the same length.  For a natural look, angle the blades of grass in the pudding.
Now we'll make the mushrooms.  If you are using store bought candy mushrooms, skip this step.  Place a spoonful of icing in a plastic bag and snip off the corner.  Use the icing as glue to connect mini mushrooms and red candy melts.
Very carefully add spots to the red mushroom cap with the icing bag.
Gently place the mushrooms in your terrarium and toss in a few candy rocks.
Enjoy your terrarium within an hour or so.  If it sits too long, the pretzels will become mushy.  For a more elaborate terrarium, include gummy frogs and candy flowers.

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