Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wooden Arrow Necklace (DIY)

I don't know if its the sunshine, or the fresh air or what, but I have been feeling super crafty this week.  The other day, I was absentmindedly staring at a container of bamboo forks and I thought to myself, "That would make a good arrow."  And so I made one into an arrow.  And then I made the arrow into a necklace.  And then I wore it.  And I love it.

Can you see what I see?  Don't these picks remind you of a bunch of arrows in a quiver? All those bumpy edges resembled the feathered ends to me.

You will need:
bamboo appetizer forks
wire clippers
sand paper
chain & clasp
2 jump rings
acrylic paint

Begin by snipping the prongs off your bamboo fork with wire clippers. This end will become the tip of your arrow.
Sand the rough edges down until you have an arrow head (not too sharp: you wouldn't want to impale yourself while wearing it).
Using a very small drill bit, make a hole in each side of the arrow for your jump rings.  Be as gentle as possible when you drill: bamboo is very brittle and may splinter.
And here is your bamboo arrow. You just fashioned a mini weapon out of a household item.  Are you feeling clever and resourceful?  You should be!
I chose to paint only half my arrow.  To form a crisp, clean paint edge, I used tape.
Cut the chain in two sections (mine are each 6" long).  Attach a section of chain to each side with a jump ring and add the clasp.
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