Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pet Shaming and The Broncos

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!
Meet my kitty, Puma - my first (and probably only) victim of pet shaming.  She's kind of a food whore, like, once she took a pita out of my Chipotle bag and dragged it under the bed to eat it shamelessly and alone.  For the record - I don't think there's a single ingredient in pita bread that normal cats care about.  In this charming photo, you can see where she licked my Broncos cupcake.  Thanks for that, Puma.

You may have heard about this, but, uh, the Super Bowl is happening today and the Broncos are playing!  What an exciting time to be in Colorado! Also, other big news in my life: I found an awesome Broncos jersey at the thrift store for $4.
Happy game day! 

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