Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sugar Cookie Magnet (DIY)

Whether you are single or taken, let’s agree that Valentine’s Day has one fabulous draw: the treats.  
So many decadent chocolates and candies and cookies…it’s pretty great.  If you don’t have a sweat heart, please know that there is NO shame in buying yourself an enormous heart shaped box of chocolates to eat alone in bed while watching 30 Rock on Netfix.  There’s no judgment here. 

With this in mind, here is a treat inspired gift for you to make: sugar cookie magnets.  The tiny rhinestones are from My Next Style (thank you so much, guys!) and make perfect glitzy little sprinkles.  Regular rhinestones would work, but the iron-on stones have a textured back that holds to the glue much better.

You will need:
- wooden hearts
- magnets
- acrylic paint
- wood glue
- my Next Style Iron -On Rhinestones 
- hot glue gun

The base of your magnet will be a wooden heart shape because they look similar to an un-frosted sugar cookie. And by similar, I mean they're kind of the same color. The hearts I used range from 1" to 2" wide.
Begin by 'frosting' them with a layer or two of acrylic paint.  The secret here is not to paint all the way to the edge.  Notice how that creates a delicious frosted cookie effect?
You can skip right to the rhinestone application, or you can add a few frosted details to your treats.
To attach the rhinestone sprinkles, I recommend using tweezers.  Pour a tiny bit of wood glue on scrap paper and use the tweezers to dip your rhinestones.
If you need some inspiration, browse Pinterest for professionally decorated cookies.  
When the glue has dried, flip them over and add the magnets. I used wood glue to attach a few of the magnets but then this started to happen, so I skipped to hot glue.  Much easier.
Awww, look, the magnets are in love.
Share your magnets with special friends and family, or - like real homemade cookies - keep them all for yourself!  Happy Valentine's Day!

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