Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Inspiration ~ 13 Going on 30 at Ruche

Look what I found over at Ruche today!  Its a summer outfit Mix & Match.  Yaaay.

I absolutely adore Ruche: an online shop featuring gorgeous clothing and accessories infused with detail and charm.  Mix & Match posts are absolutely wonderful.  Creating several working outfits with just a handful of pieces is somewhat of a fashion exercise.  It can benefit juuuust about everyone.  For ladies on a budget (and - really, who isn't?), they can inspire you to shop smarter and find timeless, versatile pieces.  If you travel often, Mix & Match posts will help you dress well on the road and maximize precious suitcase space.  And for the rest of us, the exercise brings on a fresh perspective about the clothing already hanging in our closets.  Style is all about being creative, working with what you have, and thinking outside the box!

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