Thursday, June 12, 2014

Recycled Shadow Box (DIY)

A fabulous way to recycle and display your tiniest treasures and souvenirs.
 Take a look at what I found in my mail box: my June Birchbox, and this month's theme is traveling.
I received six samples: Number 4 Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, COOLA tinted sunscreen, BrightenUp! Enzymatic face wash, Gilchrist & Soames Body Lotion, and a tiny vial of Folle de Joie Eau de Perfume - which happens to smell incredible.
The products arrived wrapped up in packaging that is equally exciting, just like last month.  
Smaller samples were tucked inside a tiny blue pillow box with 'Away We Go' printed on the front and orange cream-sicle colored tissue paper.  They even included a cute travel quiz.
I like the packaging so much that I want to find a new way to reuse it each month.
This month - following the travel theme - I made two simple shadow boxes filled with trinkets and souvenirs.
For a clean, modern look, use a simple color scheme. 
I started with black & white, then picked a bright, bold color (orange).
Fill the shadow boxes with memories of vacations or visits with friends and family.  Look for postcards, greeting cards and hand written letters, black & white photos, subway maps, and tickets.  
Find tiny treasures collected during your adventures and special little gifts from your traveling friends.  
Some common souvenirs include: keychains, pins, magnets, bottle openers, and tiny statues.
Position the boxes on your wall and use clear thumbtacks to pin them in place.
Arrange items in the boxes, using double sided tape to secure them.  
Most of us have a tray or junk drawer to stash random sentimental little things.  
With these shadow boxes, you can put them on display.  

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