Monday, April 6, 2015

Rocks rock!

Colorado is home to so many beautiful things.
The view from just about anywhere you go is absolutely breath taking, and Mother Nature has so much to offer here in the mountains.
Look at this crazy butterfly.  
I was less than six inches away from him while taking the photo.
I have dubbed this breed the Potato Chip Butterfly, because his wings look like ruffled chips, don't you think?
One thing always seems to catch my eye, and that is the abundance of beautiful little rocks scattered around the trails.  
They wait there quietly for an eternity, just waiting to be noticed by a curious passer-by.

On any given day, I seem to find everything from chunks of translucent white quartz, to glittery rocks that sparkle like gold from a distance, to special stones shaped like arrow heads or hearts.
Imagine all of the things you could do with these lovely treasures.
Not only are they beautiful and unique - they are free for the taking! 
Think of them as a gift from the universe to inspire you.
Go on, head outside to explore and see what you can find!
 Here are a few rock based projects to consider as you start your collection:

Crocheted River Stones
(from LittleOwlArts, no tutorial - just photos for inspiration)

Geode Ring DIY
(from UniqueUSA, the link doesn't go to a tutorial, but this image is pretty self explanatory)

Amethyst Mirror DIY
(from DesignLoveFest, could be made with any collection of beautiful stones)

I can't wait to see what you decide to make!


  1. My sister went to college in Colorado. She said she used to go into the beautiful mountains when she wanted to think.