Sunday, March 29, 2015

Postcards From Fictional Places

When I started blogging in 2012, I was pretty deep into postcard collecting.
I loved anything book related - especially cards featuring Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  
My passion for collecting them died out after a few years, but when my friend Jill, creator of the blog, shared these cards with me, I fell in love all over again!  
Imagine opening your mailbox one afternoon to discover a (slightly ravished) postcard from lush and sunny Jurassic Park?

Or how about this dark little hello from Mordor - complete with singed edges?
(Hahaha...EYE wish you were here)
The clever book lovers at Myprint247 created these fantastic fictional cards.
They also drew inspiration from other popular literature including Game of Thrones, Batman, and even Disney's Frozen (see all of the cards here
I began collecting postcards in 2011 when I set this crazy goal to send 365 handwritten letters/cards/postcards by the end of the year. 
To accomplish this feat, I joined a worldwide community called, where total strangers from all corners of the globe sent each other postcards. 

A few of my favorite Alice postcards, from Russia: 
(you can view the other cards I collected on PicasaWeb)
I also made dozens of postcards (most of them inspired by, or crafted from the pages of books):

and written a handful of postcard tutorials inspired by books:

What fictional place would you like to receive a postcard from?

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