Friday, March 30, 2018

Scrabble Tile Coasters DIY

Let's make some Scrabble tile inspired coasters today.

So, I've been making these letter coasters for years now, and I think it's about time to share the process.
I seriously love them.
 Usually, I make them in sets of four, wrap them up in pretty ribbon or twine, and hand them out as hostess gifts, prizes for baby or wedding showers, Secret Santa presents... and the list goes on. 
I am willing to bet that just about every person you know can appreciate this gift.

Because everyone needs coasters and really - who doesn't love Scrabble? 
And if you want to gift a set to someone that isn't into scrabble, just choose letters that spell an explicit four-letter word, and you'll immediately win that recipient over. 
Another reason this project makes me so happy is that one element is recycled.
You know how much I adore opportunities to make old things into new things.
This crafting journey begins in the flooring aisle of Home Depot.
Have you ever selected a few of these vinyl floor samples before installing new flooring at home?
I hope you didn't throw them away because they are about to have a new lease on life.

Measuring at 4"x 4", they are the ideal size to rest your teacup or wine glass on.
The tiles are different types of "wood" (why would I bring home four samples of the same thing for my floors?), but I think that works just fine because scrabble tiles are never uniform in their color or wood grain.
Also, a variety of colors adds interest, don't you think?
You will need:

4"x 4" vinyl "wood" floor samples
3" tall black vinyl letters
.5" tall black vinyl numbers
hot glue gun

My 3" vinyl letters are from Hobby Lobby.
I can't find them on the website, but they're sold in the store.
The .5" numbers are only available in a set that also includes letters, so save those for another project.
Center the letter with about 1/2 inch between the top and bottom of the coaster, but slightly to the left to leave space for the number in the lower right corner.
This helpful guide from the Scrabble tile Wiki page that shows the value of each letter.
Use this to determine which number goes with the letters you are using.
Image source
I add felt to the bottom of each coaster to class them up a bit.
After adhering your letters, flip the tile over and peel off the information stickers.
Beware: some will come off easily, others... not so much.  Expect a few of these.
Cut felt into squares slightly smaller than the area of the tile and round off the corners.
I didn't use a pattern for this step, resulting in slightly imperfect felt squares, which I don't mind.
If that makes you uncomfortable, make a paper pattern to trace.
Use hot glue to attach the felt.
Not only does it add a luxurious feel to the coasters, but will also hide the residual pieces of not-so-easy-to-remove stickers.

Thoughts on choosing your words:

Usually, I make the coasters in sets of four, because that number just seems right to me, but you can make them in any amount you'd like.
You can craft sets that spell out words or are just a jumble of random letters. Either will be fun.
If you opt for words, consider the occasion: LOVE, KISS, XOXO, and VOWS are nice for a bride or wedding shower prizes.  
For a hostess gift, I like HOME, COZY, SOUL, and CALM.
Friends and family that enjoy their drinks may appreciate words like POUR, CORK, BREW, or ICED.
Think of other words that align with the recipient's pastimes, such as GROW, READ, MAKE, FILM, HIKE, and so on.
If you are going the inappropriate four letter word route, I'm assuming you don't need my help with that.
What words would you add to the list?
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