Sunday, April 1, 2018

Fuzzy Little Jelly Beans

The Easter Bunny left us a little gift on Friday:

Happy Easter!
I hope your holiday was relaxing and full of good food and time with your family.

You know that feeling you had in the morning, waaaaay back when the Easter Bunny still brought you candy-filled baskets and hid eggs for you to find in the backyard?
That is precisely how I felt on Friday when I received the call from Happy Cats Haven about needing a foster home for this momma cat and her four teeny hour-old kittens to care for.

If you aren't familiar, this is what a day-old kitten looks like:
So cute that it physically hurts, doesn't it?
She (we know she's a girl because almost all calico kitties are female) is just a teeny tiny little jelly bean that can't hear or see yet.
Momma Cat is practically still a baby herself, less than a year old and struggling to care for her first litter.
If she can't produce enough milk or doesn't instinctively feed them often enough, we'll help her out by supplementing with bottled formula (Like we did with my first litter of foster kittens).
Remember those guys?

Right now, our job is to provide her with a safe, warm space and all the wet food she can eat.
She has gorgeous blue eyes that I hope her babies inherit.

We'll foster the little family until they're old enough to go up for adoption in approximately two months.
At that age, they no longer rely on their mother's milk and should weigh enough for the spay/neuter surgery.
 In another week or so, their tiny eyes will open, and they will begin to explore and play.
At that time, they'll need plenty of love and socialization (which basically means I need you to come over and snuggle with them).

P.S. - kitten season is coming soon!
This means your local shelters with be overflowing with momma cats and kittens and in desperate need of foster families.
If you have been thinking about fostering kittens, now is your chance!  Give them a call.

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