Sunday, April 29, 2018

Itty Bitty Anthro DIY: Vector Dishware

These dishes are about the same size as the spare change in your purse.

So, I don't draw nearly enough as I'd like to.
Back in October, I participated in INKtober and embraced the challenge of sketching every day.
Every day!
I actually did it too: an entire month of drawing!  They were quick sketches, but that still counts.
This self-portrait is one of my favorites.  I especially enjoyed drawing the little lines and patterns.
This lovely Vector dish set currently for sale at Anthropologie caught my attention for that very reason. I love the simple black and white hand-drawn style.
In my opinion, the slightly imperfect lines make each piece extra charming. 
Image source
For that reason, these dishes are the inspiration for this month's Itty Bitty Anthro DIY.
Let's sketch up a little set, shall we?
You will need:

small wooden dishes
white acrylic paint
extra fine point black permanent marker
I purchased these dishes on ETSY, but I've also seen the little bowls at Hobby Lobby in the woodworking section.  Mine vary in size from .5" to 1". For a 1" to 12" scale dollhouse, this is ideal.
 However, you may want something slightly more substantial if you plan to use it for collecting small items, such as jewelry or change in your home.
Paint them white.
Depending on the quality of your acrylic, you may need several coats to fully cover the wood grain.
When the paint is dry, it's time to draw the patterns.
Don't worry about making them perfect. The slight imperfections make them unique.
Follow the steps:
It's okay to stick to the simple designs.
It's also okay to make up your own.
This one is my favorite:
How do they compare to the original version?
Display them in a dollhouse or use them to hold teeny tiny trinkets like earrings.
Feeling inspired?
Please share photos of your itty bitty Anthro DIYs!

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