Saturday, January 21, 2012

Squirrel Appreciation Day

January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day! 

 If you are a close friend of mine, then you know about Macy, the squirrel I feed on my porch.  Macy has the fluffiest little squirrel ears I’ve ever seen and eats sunflower seeds right out of my hand.  Today’s project is dedicated to her: a squirrel feeder make over.

The current feeder is a silly metallic plastic jewelry box purchased at a barn sale in Wayland. I keep it outside next to the sliding door so I can drop in a handful of seeds without putting on my shoes.  The remodel will include a tiny roof to protect food inside from the elements and a ring for hanging the feeder when the snow is deep.  I used a wire clothes hanger, three tile samples, a brass ring and E-6000 glue.  After clipping the hanger, the pieces were bent into a support for the roof and a decorative section to attach the ring.  One tile was cut with an x-acto knife forming triangle side pieces and combined with the other two, creating a waterproof cover.  I finished it off with fancy nuts from the grocery store in place of the usual sunflower seeds.

I’ve been told plenty of times not to feed wild animals, but Macy and I have a special bond. When she scampers up the building to my porch, I love watching her almost as much as my cats do.  Even though she probably won’t care too much about the new feeder, I’m excited to see her reaction.

If you want to make your own squirrel feeder, here are some ideas:

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