Monday, September 3, 2012

Cookie Cutter Animal Notebook (DIY)

Its almost fall, and that means time for new school supplies. 
Here is a fun, unique way to personalize your folders and notebooks using cookie cutters and spray paint.  This project works best with notebooks that have glossy covers.

You will need:
Animal shaped cookie cutter
Contact paper
Spray paint
Permanent marker or ink pen
Begin by tracing the inside of the cookie cutter on your contact paper.
 If you would also like a word bubble on your notebook, draw an oval on the contact paper with a ‘tail’.  
Carefully cut out both of the shapes.
Remove the backing and place the shapes on your notebook. 
Cover the notebook with spray paint.  Allow the paint to dry completely before touching it.
Using your fingernail, carefully pull up the edge of the sticky shape.  Slowly peel it off to expose the surface underneath.  
With the marker, add eyes, noses, headphones, sunglasses, and other details to your animal notebook. 
This tutorial was featured on Lomography!

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