Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cupcake Ring (DIY)

Can you find cute little goodies at the hardware store? Yes! 
The base of this cupcake ring is a wooden 3/8” RH Plug- and it just happens to be the perfect size and shape to become a teeny little cupcake.

You will need:
3/8” RH Plugs
Superglue (the gel kind works best)
Acrylic paint (I chose white, brown, and multiple colors for the sprinkles)
metal ring 
small red bead
needle and thread

Using the needle and thread, attach the button to the center of the ring.  This will become the plate your cupcake sits on.  Add a dot of Super glue to secure it; thread will help the glue hold everything in place.
Paint the ‘wrapper’ on the sides of your cupcake. If you happen to get paint on the round ‘cake’ portion, just use sand paper or a nail file to sand it off.
With a very fine tipped paint brush, add the frosting.  Leave some of the natural wood color showing between the wrapper and the frosting.  This extra detail will read as yellow cake peeking out.
Attach the ‘cherry’ bead with a tiny dot of glue, then add sprinkles with the tip of your paint brush.  You can also dip a toothpick in paint and use that to add the sprinkles.  Glue the finished cupcake to your ring and wear!

OR- just skip the ring and keep them as little cupcakes.  I made two dozen and posted them in my ETSY shop with a tiny recycled cake stand for Calico Critter houses.
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