Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 30 ~ 30 Days of Nothing Challenge

Day 30- The last day!

My buddy Justin gave us two little tickets for a free breakfast sandwich and a free ice cream cone because he doesn't eat a lot of fast food.  For Breakfast, we split the croissant sandwich (no meat) with  pancakes and coffee- also from Justin.  His Keurig broke so he brought the remaining coffee cups to our place for people to drink when they're hanging out.

Lunch and Dinner: pasta from last night's dinner.  We have soooo much leftover pasta, sauce and bread. I ate until I was full last night and I've been able to do the same for both meals today.
'Wild Lemonade and Bad Toro Nutella Cookies.
My Dad, a serious outdoors man, sent us the recipe for Wild Lemonade, or Stag-horn Sumac tea.  Making this drink involves collecting wild Sumac berries from the woods (Katniss style).
 ***DO NOT eat things you find growing outside unless you're with someone that knows about edible wild plants.  You could be poisoned***
Our friends Nate & Ashley went on a trip to Europe and brought back gorgeous postcards, chocolate candy in a cute 'Bad Toro' tin, and the complementary Nutella packets from their hotel room (they know how much I appreciate free things).  Bad Toro is a popular bull graphic used on souvenirs from Spain.  Using a package of Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix with my Nutella, I made Bad Toro Nutella Cookies.
Here's my recipe (its not really a recipe, but here's how I made them, anyway):
sugar cookie dough (prepare as directed on the package)
Ziplock bag

cut out shapes and place unbaked cookies on a baking sheet.
Scoop Nutella in a ziplock bag and snip off the end (tip: just cut a TINY bit: if the hole is too small, you can always make it larger, but not smaller).
I drew the moon shape of the horns first, then added the body, ears and eyes. You may notice that Bad Toro has balls...I left them off the cookies: it just seems like balls & food aren't a good combo....
Bake as directed.
Since this is our very last day of the challenge, I felt like we had to cash in on all the free stuff. I found this coupon in the mail for a free chicken from family Fare.  As a thank you gift for all those leftovers, I picked it up for my Mother in law.

Afterwards,  we traded in our free ice cream coupon at Burger King for the last free treat of the month!

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