Sunday, November 25, 2012

Embellished Key Ornament (DIY)

On the rare occasion that someone asks me, "What do you collect?" I usually respond with, "Keys."

I didn't start my vast collection of keys on purpose, but I've have a fascination with them for about as long as I can remember.  My first key related memory involved studying an image from a Pirates of the Carribbean book of a jail keeper sporting a giant ring filled with keys.  I was about four years old and decided that I wanted to have a key ring like that of my own.  I know, I was a really weird kid.  The way some children collect their parent's castoff credit cards to play pretend with, I collected unwanted keys.

As an adult, I still like them.  Since keys have become kind of the 'in thing' right now, I decided to part with a few by incorporating them in crafts. If you happen to be a pack rat (like I am), you might have a few keys around, too.  I used a few of my keys along with a handful of large clip on earrings and buttons to make a set of beautiful key Christmas ornaments.  Here's how to make your own:

You will need:
keys (any size or shape will work)
large buttons, earrings, brooches, etc.
wire cutters and/or pliers
E-600 Glue

Start by using your wire clippers or pliers to remove the earring posts, button loops, or anything else that might be on the back of your embellishments.
Using a bit of E-600 glue, attach the items to your keys.  If possible, try not to cover the hole in the top of your key (I didn't have much luck with this).
Once the glue has hardened, you can add your ribbon for hanging.  If you managed to leave the hole on the top of your key uncovered, simply pull the ribbon through and knot.  If you can't get to the hole, you have a few other options: glue a loop of ribbon the back of the key (the easiest solution) or add a ring to thread the ribbon through.
...and if that inspired you, here are a few more ideas for key projects:

Tiny Key Necklaces
Add a chain and pretty the keys up with rhinestones for a feminine found object look

Skeleton Key Pendant
To embellish these simple skeleton keys, I sanded of the back portion of antique glass buttons and glued them to the keys.

Keeper of Time Necklaces
Okay, not keys, but close enough.
For these necklaces, I pulled the numbers off a clock than no longer worked. After gluing them to the old locks, I added a chain.

If you like these key projects, but aren't feeling crafty, you can purchase most of these items in my Etsy Shop and get 20% off all week for Cyber Monday!
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