Monday, November 26, 2012

Brick Guy Key Chain (DIY)

Let’s just admit it: LEGOs are fun to play with no matter how old you are. 

 This key chain is a fun accessory to make and tote around – and if you happen to find yourself stuck at work or on the bus with nothing to do, just pull this little toy out of your pocket for instant fun! Here's how to make your own:

You will need:
LEGO guy
Drill with small drill bit
E-6000 glue
Key ring
Dog chain
Small screw eye
Not shown: a clamp and a long flat LEGO brick
Using the clamp, secure your LEGO brick to a flat surface for drilling. 
Bend the LEGO guy into a sitting position and press him firmly onto the brick, which will hold him in place.  
Find the center of your LEGO man’s hat or hair and begin drilling slowly through the hat and top of his head.
After drilling the hole, remove the head and push the drill bit through (kind of creepy looking, huh?) to remove any plastic shavings.  
If the head is filled with shavings, the E-6000 glue will not adhere to the screw eye you’ll insert later.
 Disassemble your guy. 
Be sure to remove his hands as well.
Begin gluing him back together.
Start with the legs.  Add a dab of glue, and then attach to the torso.
Use a tiny dot of glue on each of his hands before pushing them back into the armholes (this will prevent your LEGO guy from losing body parts in your pocket).
Fill the head with glue, then place on the body.
Add another dab of glue, press on the hat or hair, and then push the screw eye into the hole.
 Allow the glue plenty of time to harden.
Thread your chain through the loop and attach a key ring.
 Add keys and let the portable imagination begin!

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