Saturday, November 10, 2012

Road Trip

Hello there, It's been a while, hasn't it?
 Last week, my friend Molly and I went on a road trip to see her friend, Beth, get married in the mountains.  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the trip was an adventure!  We stopped at all the road side attractions, a few local shops near the venue, and flea markets.  We drove through a few big cities and some tiny one street towns that looked like something straight out of Deliverance.  I can't wait to tell you about it:
The first attraction: one of the grossest bathrooms I have ever seen.  Notice the car air freshener tacked to the mirror, the toilet paper resting on the floor, and how the stall has no door - and to up the grossness level, the sink water emptied into a bucket under the counter.
Remember going on family vacations as a child and begging to stop at places like this? Molly and I stopped at all of them.
Welcome to Kentucky! I love this big yellow bridge.
And finally, we made it to North Carolina! After the bachelorette party, we fell asleep and woke up to one of my favorite things ever: continental breakfast.
Monster hats from The Foundry, one of the adorable shops in downtown Asheville. The city is full of fun little stores, where we decided to do a lot of our Christmas shopping.
Meet the beautiful bride and groom, Beth and Jonathan.  Tucked in the mountains by Asheville North Carolina, the rustic reception hall felt like a cozy cabin in the woods. Everything about the intimate little wedding was perfect.  Congrats, guys!
Another roadside attraction in the Tennessee mountains. I seriously cannot think of a better place to stop and stretch my legs than a fireworks store with homemade fudge and half a dozen antique carnival rides and photo ops.
Even though I don't eat chicken, there was no second thought about visiting the first KFC in Corbin Kentucky.  It doesn't get much more southern than this.
Gettin Lucky in Kentucky.  Don't judge: you know that if you happened to see this shirt, you would buy it too...
My new favorite state park.  Unfortunately, we arrived just after the gift shop closed, but seeing the sign was good enough.

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