Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gift Wrap Wednesday #10 Cloud Paper

Soooooo much rain!
Today's gift wrap idea is inspired by the big, fluffy clouds (that also happen to be full of rain) in the sky above my home.  I love this simple handmade gift wrap for Spring (wouldn't a baby shower gift look precious wrapped up this way?)

You will need:
-a brown paper bag (or brown craft paper)
-white paint
-sheet of craft foam (or a foam tray used to package meat)
-glue stick
-magazines or scrap paper

For the clouds, you will need to make a stamp.  I drew the cloud outline on a sheet of foam and cut it out, then glued it to a base.  Almost anything flat will work as a base.  Because of the size and transparency, I used a plastic cassette tape case. I made a printable stencil of my cloud sketch - just in case you haven't had two solid weeks of rain showers where you live to inspire you.

Using the stamp, create a cloudy sky pattern on the paper.
Search through magazines or paper scraps for the perfect pattern to use on your umbrella. Draw it by hand or use the stencil above, then cut it out.
Attach the umbrella to your gift as a decoration or write a small note and use it as the tag!

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