Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gift Wrap Wednesday #9 Rainy Day Roses

The booming thunder and torrents of rain out there can mean only one thing: it is officially Spring.
Until the flash flooding dies down in my parking lot, let's just celebrate the change of seasons indoors for now.  As we wait patiently for those budding May flowers, let's make some of our own for cheerful packages!  For a quick rainy day project, put together a few cupcake wrapper roses to top girly gifts with.

You will need:
6-8 paper cupcake wrappers
coffee stir or a small stick (about 4" long)
hot glue gun
green floral tape or ribbon

Begin by folding a wrapper in half, then in half again. The ruffled edges will be the center petals of your flower and the folded point will be the base where the stem connects.
Glue the coffee stir to the center and wrap the edges around to hide it. Use dabs of glue to hold them in place. Fold two or three more wrappers and glue them around the center.
Fold a few more wrappers in half and continue adding them to your bloom until you are happy with the size.
Attach the end of your floral tape (or green ribbon) to the base.  Twist the flower while pulling gently on the tape to keep it flat against the stem, adding more glue if needed as you go. Wrap upward, covering about half an inch of your flower's base, then begin wrapping downward to cover the stem.
Once the stem is covered, glue the end of the tape in place to keep your beautiful rainy day rose from unraveling.
Tie the flower to a package using green ribbon for the leaves.

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