Friday, April 26, 2013

Good{will outlet} Friday #43 ~ Inspired by Buffalo Jeans

The early bird gets the worm...unless rain has been falling every day for a solid week.  At that point, worms are scattered all over the sidewalk and the birds can sleep in.  However, that saying does ring true for Goodwill Outlet Center

 I try to hit up the Outlet Center once or twice every week.  My favorite shopping time is early in the morning before things get too crazy.  Even at 8:00am, avid treasure hunters (The Careers, as I call them) line up outside the doors. This unique thrift store always draws a crowd, but most people filter in during the afternoon and evening.

This week's lovely outfit was inspired by the gorgeous model in this Buffalo Jeans ad for the Spring/Summer '13 Campaign.  All the pieces (even the shoes and bracelet) are from Goodwill Outlet Center and the total cost less was less than five dollars!

Some fortunate people can make any article of clothing they throw on their bodies look super sexy.  I am not one of them, but hopefully you are still able to find the similarities.  I walked into the Outlet Center one early morning last month and found this wonderful silky bird top.  Sometimes, I think I might have the best thrift shopping luck ever.  See?  If you happened to stop by just an hour after I did, you would have missed out.  The faded skinny jeans and electric blue patent heels are older Outlet Center finds that work well with this sweet blue bird shirt.  High heels are about as sexy as I get (and that's if you can ignore the caked mud from tromping around in wet grass...again...I'll probably never learn).
All of these items were purchased from Goodwill Outlet Center, but here's who made them:
Top, Old Navy
Jeans, Arizona Jeans Co.
Bracelet, no brand
Heels, Jazzberry

So, are you feeling inspired, Early Birds?  What amazing things have you discovered recently at the Outlet Center?

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