Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Galaxy Letter Tee (DIY)

When I found these letter stencils from My Next Style in my mail box, I knew exactly how to use them...Do you remember the galaxy dress tutorial I posted last summer?
This galaxy letter t-shirt is a milder, less intense version of that.
What makes this set of letter stencils so fantastic is the adhesive back.  By sticking to the fabric, they prevent bleach from bleeding and blurring your letters.

You will need:

- My Next Style Fabric Stencils
- black cotton t-shirt
- bleach in a spray bottle
- permanent markers in several colors
- white fabric paint
- masking tape

Chose a word or phrase (I recommend something nerdy or space related - or both).
Cut apart the letter stencils, remove the backing, and stick them to your t-shirt
Over lap the edges - no fabric should be visible between the letters, or it will get bleached!
When the letters are in place, slide a piece of cardboard inside the shirt to protect the back.  
As you spray the bleach, any exposed fabric will be lightened, so be sure to completely cover it with tape.
 I folded my shirt around the cardboard, then sealed every inch with masking tape (yes, I realize this is kind of overkill, but there is no going back when it comes to bleach).
Use your bleach sparingly - and I mean very sparingly: no more than four or five sprays.
Galaxy patterns are uneven, speckled, and have just as much black as they do white (if not more).  Getting trigger happy with your spray bottle may wipe out all the black, leaving you with dimension-less solid white letters.
That would be sad.
Allow the bleach to dry, then carefully peel away the tape and stencils.  The letter stencils are re-usable, so save them for another project.
Use permanent markers to add color.  Vibrant neon colors work best, such as pink, green, light blue, and violet.  I also used a black marker to darken a few areas.
It doesn't matter how much bleach you use, black fabric will never be pure, sparkling white.
This is where white fabric paint comes into play.
Dip a tooth pick or straight pin into the paint, then dab carefully on your letters to create a sea of twinkling white stars.
Allow the paint to dry, then wear!
  Because these stencils are so small, they would be perfect for making galaxy letters on other items, too.
I have plans to make a tote bag and a set of nerdy throw pillows for a guest bedroom as well.

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