Monday, August 26, 2013

Good{will outlet} Friday #50 ~ 20 Outfits from 10 Pieces (Inspired by Anthropologie)

Because I am moving to Colorado in a few weeks, this will be my last Good{will outlet} Friday post.  I know, its a sad day, but I promise that this is a good post - definitely my favorite.
In Colorado, I will be substitute teaching at an elementary school.  Wish me luck, because I'm pretty nervous about it.  While packing up my closet, I realized that I don't exactly have appropriate work clothes.  I mean, I obviously enjoy comic book shorts and galaxy dresses, but I have this feeling that parents and co-workers may not.   If I could magically have a shopping spree to any store of my choice, can you guess where I would go?  If you guessed Anthropologie, you are the winner.

I chose ten lovely items from the website to create a versatile and classy fall wardrobe:

- button up white blouse
- fitted denim jacket
- simple shift dress with a large print
- jersey maxi skirt
- lace top
- striped tee
- patterned tank
- cardigan in a solid color
- black pencil skirt
- bead embellished belt

Instead of buying them from Anthropologie, I went to Goodwill Outlet Center to find similar versions and this is what I came up with:
Anthropologie Clothing (clockwise): 

The grand total of my Anthropologie wish list would have come to $900.  Yikes!  At the Outlet Center, clothing is sold at .70 cents per pound.  Combined, the ten items weigh six pounds, bringing the final price to $4.20.  With a little patience, I found a ten piece work wardrobe for under five dollars!

I've been eyeing that scalloped skirt for a while now, and decided to make one for myself.  In the blue Outlet Center bins, I hunted for a basic high waist-ed polyester pencil skirt to alter.
Using just these ten pieces (along with jewelry and shoes) I came up with twenty different work outfits - enough for an entire month!

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four
All of these items were purchased from Goodwill Outlet Center, but here's who made them:

Cardigan, Ann Taylor
Black pencil skirt, no brand
Beaded belt, Milor LTD.
Peach lace top, no brand
Maxi skirt, Old Navy (Post #27)
White blouse, [Re]lativity
Elephant print dress, Neutral
Striped tee, Charlotte Russe
Patterned tank, no brand
Denim jacket, Mossimo (Post #26)

(Pssst - I know I said this will be my last post, but I still have plenty of Outlet Center finds to tell you about and I'll come back to Grand Rapids to visit, so you'll see more Good{will outlet} Friday posts eventually. :)


  1. Wow.... well done!
    I especially like outfit three from week four.

    I am going to miss goodwill outlet friday! :)

    1. Thanks Cecilia! I really love that shirt, doesn't it look like it could actually be from Anthropologie? The tag was missing, so I guess we'll never know...

  2. Good luck on your new adventure! I'm sure you'll find a comparable venue to Goodwill out west. Hope to see more of your creative endeavors. :)