Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hair Bow (DIY)

For some crazy reason, I like to bring neckties home from Goodwill.  That's right: men's ties. I don't know why, I just see nice patterns or colors and I have to buy them.  After slowly filling a basket with random ties, I finally came up with a project: a hair bow barrette.

This pretty accessory is ideal for days when your hair is unruly and needs to go up in a bun.

You will need:
- a neck tie
- a Snap Clip barette (I bought mine from Sally Beauty Supply)
- needle and thread.

This pink Tommy Hilfiger tie is one of my favorites (notice the tiny turtles).
Cut an 8" section from the widest part and another section (at least 4" long) from a skinnier portion of the tie.
Fold the wide section to form a loop and sew the cut edges together.
Tack one end of your skinny piece over the seam with a few stitches.
Wrap the piece around your bow, trip the excess, and sew the edges together.
Attach your clip by sewing through the tiny holes on the sides.  I like these clips because they go into your hair like a comb, then snap tight like a hair clip.
And you are finished!