Friday, October 18, 2013

Five Fun DIY Halloween Costumes

That is definitely me at parties.  If I could find/make an adult Sulley costume from Monsters Inc, I would absolutely wear it. I love dressing up in costumes.  Here are five DIY Halloween costumes from previous posts to inspire you.

Number One: Katniss Everdeen

If your hair is long enough to braid (or you happen to own a long wig), this Hunger Games inspired outfit will be a piece of cake!
(image from

You will need:
- hair long enough to braid
- leather jacket
- boots
- neutral colored clothing
- bow and arrow (if you can get your hands on these)

Number Two: Anne Taintor Fifties Housewife

I adore Anne Taintor's vintage style 1950s housewife illustrations with hilariously sarcastic captions.  The basic requirements are an apron, red lipstick and a big, vapid smile.
(image by annetaintor)

You will need:
- fifties style dress
- apron
- red lipstick
- kitchen utensils

Number Three: Walking Dead Zombie Victim:

Crafting a zombie costume would look awesome, but involves A LOT of work, so allow me to suggest an alternative: zombie bite victim: pre- rigor mortis.  Transform yourself into a horrified, half dead, freshly eaten zombie meal with minimal effort.  This stage of zombification doesn't involve make up, stumbling, or creepy rubber prosthetic skin to mimic a decaying face.

You will need:
- an outfit to tear a part
- lots of blood (I used Simply Spray Fake Blood)

Number Four: Miss Frizzle

So this wasn't originally a halloween costume, but as a child I was all about Magic School Bus books. I thought about Miss Frizzle the entire time I was making this dress.  Wouldn't it be a fun costume?
(image from: magicschoolbus.wikia)

You will need:
- Galaxy dress
- fun shoes
- big, curly hair

Number Five: Greek Goddess

The Greek Goddess is kind of a Halloween Costume staple.  Just like the basic ghost costume, this outfit starts with a simple white sheet.

You will need:
- a white sheet
- gold sandals
- fake vines for a crown

For more Halloween inspiration, check out this gory list of 22 Bloody Good DIYs on Buzzfeed
# 16 on the list - my Bloody Bathmat DIY and my adorable foster kitten from the Humane Society, Stella.


  1. Ha ha! love it! same happened to me when I dressed up as Doctor Who. :P

  2. haha, that's me too. I'm not into those "sexy" costumes. I was Professor McGonagall last year.

  3. Hi Heather, I just discovered your blog through your Etsy shop. Wow! I'm really digging your Sylvanian Families posts--too cute! Can't wait to see your next post--I'll keep track now that I'm one of your newest followers. I'm having a mini desserts giveaway that might interest your SF critters. We know they love sweets! ;-) xo Jennifer

  4. These are some really good ideas for costume parties. My friend just asked me to decorate an event space he’d rented to hold a “Cosplay week” and he was asking me to come dressed as well. I think I’ll just borrow some ideas from here. Thanks, and happy holidays!!