Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hash Tag Tee (DIY) ~ News Year's Resolution

Welcome to the new year!
Its a fresh start! If you happen to be the ambitious type (or, like me, you just want to be ambitious), this is your day to make resolutions and share them with your friends, family, and anyone in the world of social media that will listen.
I have two big resolutions for 2014:

1. Write at least one blog post a week 
 *look, I'm doing it right now, this one is already a win for me!*


2. To spend less time working on the computer and more time outside in the sun 
(yes: my resolutions are polar opposites, this fact has not escaped me, but I like challenges)
If announcing your lofty goals on Twitter and Facebook motivates you to keep them, a real, physical reminder should help even more, right?
Here's my idea: take your inspiring hash tag ( #staypositive, #morebooks, #cookeveryday, #getfit, #smilemore, #livewithpurpose ) and put them on a shirt.

You will need:
- tee shirt
- iron on letters (I used this basic black set of flocked letters from My Next Style - thanks, guys!)
- iron
- scissors
Chose your quote and keep it simple.  
#Gooutside is much more effective than #spendtimeoutsideinthesuneveryday.
Arrange them on your shirt - with no spaces between the words - and iron them in place.
If your letter set comes with a hash tag symbol - lucky you! Just iron it in front of your letters and wear.  
If it doesn't, keep reading.....

See these two exclamation points? These will become your hash tags. DO NOT peel them off the paper until after they've been cut.  
 Carefully cut each exclamation mark, including the dot, down the center.
 Peel the segments from one exclamation mark (you should have four pieces) and place them in front of the letters to form an equal sign, like this:
 When you feel good about it, Iron the equal sign in place.
Use the other exclamation mark (all four pieces) to finish the hash tag. Place them at an angle.
I found it helpful to iron one line in place at a time.
 Iron the pieces in place and admire your work!
For more re-fashion projects, visit My Next Style's blog.

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