Friday, October 19, 2012

Good{will outlet} Friday #32 Costume: 1960s Housewife

For the last two Fridays in October, I'm going to write about Halloween costumes that use easy-to-find items from the Goodwill Outlet Center, or any Goodwill store (because if you're anything like me, you won't think about your outfit until hours before you need it).  This cute costume can be thrown together in minutes and everything I used cost less than $10.

Now, I realize that a typical housewife didn't sashay around the kitchen in heels and red lipstick while basting the turkey for family dinner like Betty Draper in Mad Men, but for some reason, I really like that cheerful retro style.  I can't explain why, but I love those vintage appliance ads that feature an overly elated woman dressed in her Sunday best, vacuuming her living room.   How could anyone possibly love a washing machine so much?

You may already have the pieces in your closet, but if not, they are fairly easy to hunt down at Goodwill Outlet Center.  You'll need a simple dress that flares at the waist (this dress is from a previous outlet center post.  
I altered it, but I see similar dresses in the blue bins all the time), high heels, preferably with a pointed toe, and of course, a strand of pearls - because who doesn't strut around the house washing windows in their heirloom pearl necklace?  These pearl-like beads were worn for the Woodland Wedding Good{will outlet} post.  Any white beads will do the job, even long strands of beaded Christmas tree garland.  Just trim it and use some string to tie the ends together.

To complete the costume, I added an apron and a spatula.  Kitchen utensils are plentiful at the Outlet Center, which is also great news if you are an actual housewife.  If you aren't thrilled with the spatula, you could sport an oven mitt, tote around a rolling pin, or even a tray of freshly baked cookies to drive the point across.

On previous shopping excursions I've seen cute frilly aprons, but none this time.  Instead, I brought home a tangle of wide ribbon and a pillowcase to make my own.

Fold the pillowcase over the ribbon, wrap around your waist and tie a big bow in the front.

Easy as pie!

(you may want to pin the bow in place to keep it from shifting as you walk around the party, or clean things)

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