Sunday, January 5, 2014

Five Ideas for Everyday Decorating with Holiday Clearance Items

Before moving from Michigan to Colorado, I sold almost all of my belongings in a huge yard sale, except for a handful of boxes in storage and anything we could squeeze into the car.
 I've been waiting quietly for after-Christmas clearance sales.
My objective was to find discounted Christmas items that could pass as year-round decor.
Here are five ways to take advantage of Christmas clearance.

Everything you see here is from the Holiday section at Target and it was all 50% off.
Go me!
At first glance, all of the clearance merchandise sort of melds together, forming a red and green blob that couldn't possibly work for anything besides Christmas eve.  Don't lose faith; take a few items with the potential to some non-Holiday areas of the store and try to imagine how they would look with everyday decor.  Could you pull it off?  I bet you can.  Here are some items with non-holiday potential:

1. Serving Trays

Look for solid colors and simple patterns. Instead of serving hor devours, use them in the living room to hold picture frames, plants, or other interesting treasures.  Consider setting one on your dining room table to hold salt and pepper shakers, coasters, and the napkin holder.  Your space will feel less cluttered when small items sit on a tray instead of the table.   In the bedroom, use trays on bedside tables to collect your stash of drinking glasses and books, and keep one on the dresser for hair brushes, watches, and coin purses.

2. Beverage Tubs

I love these big metal tubs.
The one I bought became a new home for extra blankets and blankets in the living room.
They would also work well as laundry bins or toy storage.

3. Small Platters and Bowls

Both the ceramic platter and jar are considered 'barware' at Target, but I'll be using them on the counter in my bathroom.
The platter is just the right size to collect perfume bottles and hair clips.  
Pretty bowls and jars, like this one, are perfect for stashing cotton balls, q-tips, and jewelry.  
If you are a loser (of keys and cell phones, that is), grab one of these tiny dishes to keep by your front door.

4. Lights and Candles

I absolutely love this battery operated lantern.
It reminds me of camping with my family.  As a Christmas decoration, it would look warm and inviting on your front porch or kitchen table. 
I love the idea of using this as a quirky night light in the guest bedroom or bathroom year round.  It gives the room a woodsy, log cabin feel.

5. Holiday Tins, Bottles, and Jars

This pretty jar is actually for storing dog treats.  Its made by Boots and Barkley, and I was surprised to find it in with the Holiday clearance.  I don't have a dog, so mine will be filled with people treats instead.
Tins and jars like this one are easy to find and ideal for small snacks or loose leaf tea.


  1. Cute ideas! I love the beverage bin as a blanket holder.

  2. I love all of these ideas! Seriously envying the owl items. :D Thanks for sharing!