Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gummy Fruit Tray (DIY)

Here's what I'm bringing on Super Bowl Sunday: a gummy fruit tray.  That's right: I'll be the classiest, most health conscious guest there, or at least I'll be the funniest.  Its a quick inexpensive treat to throw together, and I doubt anyone else will happen to show up with the same dish.

Presentation is everything here.  Go for the 'I bought this tray of fruit at the store' feel.  Look for a sectioned tray like this one - or use an empty tray that held actual fruit once upon a time.
Find a variety of fruit shaped gummy candy.  This is all from Dollar Tree (including the tray), but World Market also has a great selection of gummies...I'm kind of a gummy candy expert...

Here's what I used:
- Haribo Peaches
- Haribo Raspberries
- Haribo Twin Cherries
- Sour Patch Watermellons
- Cherry Jelly Hearts (Dollar store brand?)

Fill each section.  This tray required two bags of each candy for the outer portions and about half a bag for  the round section in the center.

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