Friday, April 4, 2014

Thrift Store Friday # 51 ~ 25 Outfits From 9 Pieces

Many things changed when I moved here to Colorado. One big change: no Goodwill Outlet Center. Very sad.  I have branched out and explored other thrift stores, so Good{will outlet} Friday will now be called Thrift Store Friday. So here's my first Thrift Store Friday post: 25 outfits made from 9 pieces.
Each of these nine fabulous articles of clothing are from a local thrift store called The ARC.  All nine pieces came to a grand total of $30 - not terrible for almost a month of different outfits.  
As you have probably assumed from my previous posts (such as 10 Outfits Made From 20 Pieces, 18 Outfits From 13 Pieces, and 13 Outfits From 12 Pieces), mix & match challenges are my favorite.

Here's what I shopped for:
And here are the outfits:
All items were purchased at the ARC Thrift Store, but here's who originally made them:

Tunic top, WD.NY
Skirt, Old Navy
Jacket, Taikonky
Lace top, Ginger G
Cardigan, Moth
Leggings, No brand
White shirt, Antonio Melani
Dress, Gap
Pants, Old Navy