Saturday, July 19, 2014

Healthy Snack Bento Box (DIY)

My BirchBox arrived!
Yaaaay for me!  The theme for July is 'Power Up,' with an emphasis on health.  Along with the adorable box and samples, I also received a one-year subscription to Women's Health Magazine, which is awesome!
 This month's samples include:

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk (Dry shampoo is basically my best friend)
Sumita Color Contast Eyeliner in Raina Blue - super rich and beautiful

So, naturally, I love the packaging just as much as the contents and opted to find another use for it.  Keeping with the 'Power Up' theme, I made a healthy snack bento box to enjoy after an exhausting workout.  Bento Boxes are painfully cute little Japanese lunches, often filled with small compartments of food.  Usually, the food is formed or cut into fun shapes.
(This Super Mario themed Bento Box is from a previous post, want to make these goodies? Click here)

For this Bento Birchbox, you will need six healthy finger foods, cupcake papers, and an empty Birchbox.
Carefully tuck six cupcake papers into the base of the box.
Fill each cupcake paper with goodies and enjoy!
A few snack suggestions:
whole wheat crackers
trail mix
craisins or raisins
sugar snap peas
sunflower seeds
*For star shaped carrots*
Slice a thick carrot into thin discs.
Use a knife to slice away five triangles, forming a star shape.  Your first stars may look...not so good, but do not be discouraged - keep trying!  Practice makes perfect.
If you have tiny cookie cutters, I highly recommend using those.

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