Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Another book related hashtag on Twitter!

So, as a curious and slightly morbid child, this is what really crossed my mind while reading Cinderella: why aren't those glass shoes splintering apart and puncturing her feet?  And she wore glass heels!  Regardless of the thickness of the glass, her body weight would obliterate them - it's science.  Now, of course, I understand that fairy tales have no room for science.

#RuinAChildrensBook is two parts sad and one part hilarious.
I love these book related hashtags.  Creating the last book cover (#BetterRomanceNovelTitles) was so much fun that I needed to do it again.  I found this Corpsebride dress at the thriftstore before Halloween and for blood I used red acrylic paint.

Here are a few popular children's books ruined by other artists.
(Sorry, no sources - they were all discovered in Twitter-land) 

 ...and my absolute personal favorite:

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