Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thrift Store Friday #53 ~ Buckle Inspired Wardrobe from The Arc

I know it isn't actually Friday, but this post seems to fit nicely into that category...
The Buckle is one of my very, very favorite places to become inspired about dressing myself (I need inspiration).   I adore the style, and the embellishments, and the materials...but not the prices.  I don't love those.  That is why I shop at the thrift store instead.  This post is about finding Buckle-esque items at arc Thrift Stores at a fraction of the price.

Buckle website links:

To maximize my outfit options, I decided on nine basic pieces:  
gray skinny pants
black maxi skirt
basic sweater
lace vest
tee with embellishment
silk sleeveless shirt
long sleeved chambray blouse
black tank
gold lace top

If purchased from the Buckle, the grand total would be $286.42.  The thrift store wardrobe of similar items came to $57.91 - all nine items came to the same price as a single chambray shirt.
What makes The Buckle's clothing so special is the detail and quality.  When you are thrift shopping, search out luxury fabrics such as silk, fine knits, and lace.  If you are crafty, consider altering and adding embellishments.  By tacking a handful of silver rhinestones on the collar of the silk top, you could make it almost identical to the Buckle version.  My lace vest was made from a gorgeous lace curtain (similar to the lace curtain skirt DIY).

All of these pieces are from arc Thrift Stores, but here's who made them:
gray sweater, Simply Vera Vera Wang
maxi skirt, George
striped tee, Pink Rose
lace vest, made by me - no brand label on the curtain
gray pants, DKNY Jeans
silk sleeveless top, Talbots
chambray button down, Old Navy
black tank, Forever21
lace top, WallpapHER


  1. Great job! I love shopping at thriftshops!

  2. went to cc for college. the arc was the best thrift store of all time. i miss it dearly.