Friday, May 1, 2015

Bobcat in a Box: Part Four

I suspect that my Bobcat deliveries have come to an end.
Twenty seven of the thirty made it to my doorstep - and I am optimistic that the other three are out there somewhere, just floating around in postal delivery land, waiting to be delivered.  Let's you and I just assume this isn't my last Bobcat in a Box post, because it's been really fun.  
This batch of packages was the usual Bobcat assortment: a few craft supplies, some cute-sie things, and that one bizarre little guy that doesn't make any sense...

Package #22
pompom...bear thing?
So, this would obviously be that one bizarre little guy previously mentioned.  It's constructed of pastel pompoms with a key ring attached and I suspect that it's a bear...buuuuuut I can't really tell.  
 It's kind of sweet in a pitiful, uncomfortable way.  Maybe it will become...a cat toy?
We only really know one thing here - and that is: that it loves me.

Package #23
 four sticky note pads
Oh my gosh, these are cute! Is this considered Kawaii?
I love the illustration and the text. I would absolutely purchase these charming office supplies if I stumbled across them in a fun little shop - no question about that!

Package #24 
Weather themed memo set
A fantastic little amalgam of practical, cheerful, and cute. I'm really attracted to fun little things like this, and I can't wait to display them on my desk with my cat tape dispenser.

Package #25
six clear gem stones
Not bad, I can make these work for me.  I'm picturing a Great Gatsby style project with some black lace, and maybe a few feathers...(I pretty much love anything relating to 1920's fashion).

Package #26
dozens of pink gem stones
I really appreciate the teeny-tiny-ness of these little guys - and now I have so many! I can't say what will become of them, but I envision something girly and possibly Disney Princess related...

Package #27
Galaxy necklace
Just when I thought the package deliveries had come to an end, this spacey little necklace arrives!
Fun story: I sometimes say weird things in my sleep.  One night last week, I woke Patrick up by shouting, "Planets! Why is it always about planets!" (for absolutely no reason that I can think of) and then this necklace was waiting for me in my mail box the next day!
Although I really have no idea what to do with about 50% of this stuff, I have enjoyed receiving all the mail (it makes me feel special) and I love the element of surprise. During the summer, I'll bring out my Bobcat treasures and the glue gun and we'll see what becomes of all these.
If you choose to sign up for Bobcat in a box, please, please, PLEASE send pictures my way!

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