Saturday, May 2, 2015

Miss Frizzle

Last week, I hosted my very first Scholastic Book Fair in the library.  
This is serious business - like, serious business.
  The book fair is an important - and borderline infamous - part of every elementary school librarian's life.   Scholastic sent a truck to my school filled with boxes and rolling shelves full of books: enough books to fill all twelve tables in my library - and I had to go through register training! 
It was a legit operation. 
To get the kids hyped up about our fair, I talked a parent volunteer and the music teacher into dressing up as different book characters all week! It was a huge success! Students sought us out each day to guess which characters we were, tell us what stories they've read, and list the books they planned to buy.  We had a ridiculous amount of fun scraping together the outfits - and how great is it that I had another opportunity to wear my Belle costume from Halloween
My favorite costume was Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus series.  
I thoroughly enjoyed these books as a little girl and they played a big part in my budding love affair with rocks, solar systems, the water cycle  - pretty much everything nerdy.  She is such a quirky, memorable character and I can't think of any fictional teacher that is as passionate about science!

Just about everything required for this costume was already waiting in my closet...and most of it I wear on an everyday basis.  
If you don't have the items at home, you can easily find them at thrift stores.

Some inspiration for you:

The Frizz usually wears a science-themed dress with long sleeves and a collar.  Hunting down an identical dress - even at a thrift store - is nearly impossible.  I tried.  Instead, find a patterned sleeveless dress and layer over a button up blouse, like a jumper - flashback to elementary school!
Whatever the pattern is will determine your theme.  My dress has a galaxy print, so my theme is space (want to make your own galaxy dress? tutorial here)
See how well that works?
Now you need crazy coordinating accessories.
My favorite parent volunteer happened to have a lizard puppet, but you could definitely pull off the look sans-lizard.  I wore dangling sun earrings from a $5 thrift store jewelry grab bag, a 'space rock' necklace (tutorial here), and a pair of flats with felt planets.
I made the planets, but you could easily find toys or decor at the dollar store to glue on your shoes.  Seek out glow-in-the-dark starts, butterflies from the floral department, plastic fruit, toy bugs, or dinosaurs - and the list goes on!
The final touch is that iconic Miss Frizzle hair.
Go big here: you don't need to be a redhead, just make it ostentatious.  Make your hair as curly and voluminous as possible, then add the wildest hair accessories you can find. I used more felt planets, glued to bobby pins.  Think old lady church hat meets mad scientist: bird nests, light bulbs, plastic dinosaurs, bath toys, etc.  
Your hair is the place to tie the outfit together and get your theme across. 
ModCloth, a unique online clothing store, has a charming collection of printed dresses and quirky accessories - The Frizz would be ALL OVER this.
Here is an Ocean themed Miss Frizzle outfit using only items available on the site.

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  1. How fun! That is what I like about elementary. I remember my coworkers and I used to like to dress for spirit week etc. on a middle school level. Well, one year it was pointed out that the only teachers who were dressed up were the Special Ed teachers. We loved it and said it just showed how special we were! Hahahahaha!