Friday, July 6, 2018

Itty Bitty Anthro DIY: "Oversized" Zinc Letters

Anthropologie's Oversized Zinc Letters are somewhat of a staple for the store.
They've been around for as long as I can remember shopping there - at least a decade, and probably longer.  When I see them perched on a friend's mantle or lined up to spell words in restaurants downtown, I know exactly where they came from.
One reason I find so much inspiration in Anthropologie is the eclectic feel of their merchandise:
everything from hand-painted dishware to raw gemstone jewelry to these slightly industrial Oversized Zinc Letters.
image from
image from
The itty bitty version is quick to make but just as charming.
Anthro's metal letters are all capital, so I set the lower case letters aside.

You will need:
silver toned Sharpie marker
alphabet letter magnets
Use the marker to color the letter magnets.
Depending on how much juice is left in your marker, you may need several coats.
The nooks and crannies will be especially awkward to color, but if you're patient, you can make it work.
Most likely, the ink won't create a perfectly smooth metallic surface like that of a shiny, new car.
It will have inconsistencies, such as streaks and pools of ink in the corners.
That's okay because as you can see from the photos, the oversized zinc version has imperfections as well.
Allow the ink to dry, then display in your tiny home.
How do your pint-sized digits compare to the original?
I am pleased with the results.
I love them in this tiny kitchen.

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