Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Easter Gifts from Office Supplies (DIY)

Whenever I work at my mother-in-law's office, my mind wanders to the things I could make with her supplies.  If you are stuck at work and need to make some quick Easter basket stuffers, everything you need is right there in your desk.

Bunny Ring

You will need:
Fine tip black Sharpie Marker
Red pen

The head of the brad will be the bunny's face.

Bend up the points to become ears on top of the bunny's head.  My brads were pink when I bought them, but you can use white out or nail polish if you have some to paint your bunny.

Add eyes with the Sharpie and cheeks with whiteout.  I dipped an unfolded paperclip in the whiteout which will give you more detail than the whiteout brush can.  Once it dries, add a red nose with the pen.

To make the metal ring part, unfold a paper clip and twist it around a marker. Try to find a marker that is about the width of your finger.  If you're using a heavy paperclip, use pliers to hold the wire while you twist it.

Cut off the excess, leaving a small amount of twist.

With either super glue or a hot glue gun, attach the bunny head to the ring.  The bump on the ring (leftover from the twist) should fit right under the brad.

Easter Stickers

You will need:
Address labels
Black ink pen or Sharpie Marker

Highlighters are great for this project because of their bright, spring colors.  Leaving the labels attached to the sheet, cut each one into two or three sections.  I cut mine into tree unequal sections.  Use the markers to draw simple Easter themed designs.  I chose to draw rubber ducks, rabbits and flowers.

Tiny Basket

You will need:
Post-it Note
hole punches

To make the base of the basket, I followed this very helpful origami box tutorial.  To make the handle, I cut another sticky note in half, folded it a few times length-wise and glued the ends to the insides of the basket.

For the polka dots on the basket, empty your three hole punch!  Glue a few to each side and to the handles if you'd like to.  

You can use paper shreds for Easter grass and visit the vending machine to look for candy.  Ta-da! Your mini Easter basket is finished!

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  1. enJOYing the idea as a great party favor! So creative!

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