Monday, March 19, 2012

Hunger Games Mockingjay Bobby pins (DIY)

Just when I thought I couldn't love the Hunger Games series anymore, I saw the trailer for the first movie.  I've been counting down the days (just five left) until it will be showing in theaters.  

I've been obsessing over the books with my friend Sara.  We've known each other since middle school and have a long list of silly things we adore, most of them- like the Hunger Games- marketed to pre-teen girls.   In preparation for opening night, I am going to post a new Hunger Games themed DIY project each day.

No paragraph was more emotional then the description of Rue's death.  I choked back tears while reading about the symbolic flower burial and how the mockingjays carried Rue's four note song through the trees.  Each of these little hair pins features a mockingjay perched on her nest about to take flight, singing Rue's district tune.

You will need:
bobby pins
white plastic doves
wire (in a picture hanging kit)
gold or black nail polish
hot glue gun

**Everything for this project, except the glue gun, came from the dollar store!  

Unroll the wire and cut off two eight inch wire segments.  Thread about 1/2 an inch of the wire through the curve of each bobby pin and twist with pliers to secure.
Fold a sheet of paper and slide the bobby pin onto it the same way you would put it in your hair.  
This will prevent your pin from tipping over as you attach things and keep the nail polish from fusing the bobby pin together.  
Add a dab of hot glue to hold your wire in place on the bobby pin, then add a bird.
Twist the wire around the base of the bird to create a nest.  Try to loop and wrap it randomly so that it looks uneven and organic, the way an actual bird nest would appear.  Tuck the end of the wire into the nest.  
If it doesn't want to stay tucked, use a bit of hot glue to hold it in place.
With the nail polish, paint your hair pins liberally.  My pins needed several coats.  Slide the pins around on the paper between applying layers to prevent them from sticking to the paper.  
Allow the bobby pins to dry overnight.


  1. Cute idea! I might give this one a try. Thanks for posting:)

  2. really sweet - would like to teach my niece how to do this

  3. Awesome Hunger Games-themed dollar store craft! :) We shared it on our facebook page.

  4. Cute!should not be too difficult,right?